Maintenance Technician

Company: G&K Services
Location: Justice, IL
Employment Type: Full Time
Wage: hourly

Main Job Functions: a) Performs routine and specialized maintenance of facility and equipment under minimal supervision, and b) maintains compliance to the appropriate external regulations and internal maintenance policies.

Purpose/Objectives of Job Functions: a) To ensure safe and cost effective operation of the facility and equipment, and b) to ensure safe and enviromentally sound maintenance practices which comply with both government regulations and G&K policies.

Key Working/Business Relationships: Internally - Maintenance Staff, Production, Plant and General Managers, Production Workers, Regional Engineer, Regional Director of Operations, Corporate Engineering and other Maintenance Staffs, and externally - Contractors, Equipment Suppliers, Chemical Suppliers, Local Utility and Vendor Representatives.

- ADMINISTRATIVE WORK: What – participates in meetings, can prepare variety of reports and maintain thorough records and files, Why - to ensure a proper level of communication and documentation, When - as required, Guidelines/Assistance – Local, Regional and Corporate staff, and End Results – good communication, accurately maintained records and files.
- PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE RELATED WORK: What – performs predefined preventive maintenance procedures at specific time intervals, Why – to minimize downtime and maintenance cost. To provide for safe & efficient operations, When – at predefined intervals, Guidelines/Assistance – G&K PM Logs, Regional & Corporate Engineering, and End Results – minimum downtime and maintenance cost.
- EQUIPMENT REPAIR WORK: What – Performs downtime repair work, Why – to maintain proper production levels, When – as required, Guidelines/Assistance – Equipment Suppliers & Manuals, Regional & Corporate Engineering, Other G&K Maintenance Staff/Personnel, and End Results – proper and timely repairs are made.
- PROJECT WORK (NON-CAPITAL): What – Performs predefined equipment or facility work, Why – to maintain equipment and facility at optimum level for production, When – as determined by prioritization, Guidelines/Assistance – prioritization from Project Logs and Regional Engineer, additional G&K Maintenance resources as required, and End Results – plant at optimum operational level.

- High School education, or equivalent, plus specialized course work beyond High School.

- 3-5 years of maintenance work experience.

- Trade skills in one or more: welding, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, instrumentation, boilers.
- Ability to interpret and understand maintenance manuals which are written in English.

- Boiler operator license required in some states.

Job Code: 6447
Category: General / Other
Post Date: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 at 10:06 AM
Company: G&K Services
Contact Name: Recruiter

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