Associate Channel Manager-Direct/Mobile Marketing

Company: Kohler Co.
Location: Kohler, WI
Employment Type: Full Time

Bold. Conservation. Are you drawn to beautiful designs and innovative technologies that help us live smarter, easier lives with greater sustainability? Join the Kitchen & Bath group and be involved in the development of revolutionary products like the Karbon™ kitchen faucet; the DTV™ showering system that integrates water, music, steam and chromatherapy; and unique Nature's Chemistry™ lavatories and kitchen sinks crafted from rich, organic materials. Kohler Co., a world-class manufacturer of exceptional kitchen and bath products, engines and power generation systems, distinguished furniture, and renowned for luxurious hospitality businesses, is seeking to add a Associate Channel Manager-Direct/Mobile Marketing. Be part of the Kohler team and influence the next generation of kitchen and bath design.

Primary Function
Responsible for the execution of Kitchen & Bath Americas customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives and the development and execution of digital promotions. Ensures that Kitchen & Bath Americas CRM & Digital Promotions strategy is properly executed in all the phases and through all distribution channels. Facilitates Internet initiatives that directly relate to Kitchen & Bath Americas products, channel activity, promotions and communications.

Specific Responsibilities

1) Executes the Kitchen & Bath Americas (including Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service) Direct and Mobile Marketing strategy.

a) Executes the development of the Direct and Mobile initiatives via the business rules, success metrics, and change management needed to shape the CRM platform, that measure comprehensively across Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.
b) Develops creative and robust calendar of Marketing promotions delivered to trade and customers.

c) Understands Senior Management's Direct and Mobile Marketing vision on an ongoing basis and ensures that execution is consistent with that vision.

2) Provides account management a structured selling framework for the sales force to utilize and enhance their management of customers and the overall sales process.

a) Assists in management of outbound and inbound lead management. Assist in automation of steps preceding the sales process, to enable sales to concentrate on the potential customers and opportunities that show the greatest chance of success.

b) Drives a full integration of marketing campaigns within the Sales CRM tool that ensures sales has clear knowledge of all marketing campaigns and can intertwine campaigns into professional sales calls, while avoiding marketing overload.

c) Develops programs and methods for assisting sales with data entry burden, while holding sales accountable for data quality.

d) Create a method for regularly gathering competitive intelligence and customer information via attributes, activities and call plans.

3) Assists in the development of marketing campaign management application and supporting structural processes.

a) Develops and implements methods to measure effectiveness and efficiency of marketing promotional objectives and test strategies. Monitors, reports, makes recommendations, and adjusts strategies based on the results.

b) Oversees the production of targeted direct response marketing efforts.

c) Implements centralized, standardized, and automated system to plan, manage, execute, and track multiple components of Kohler's marketing efforts by customer.

d) Creates consistency with inbound data and reporting from all channels.

e) Seeks out and manages program information to deliver enhanced program strategies and tactics, establishing Kohler as the category leader in customer-centric marketing.

f) Establishes a two-way flow of information from sales to marketing to drive more effective marketing campaigns and stronger ROI.

g) Assists in developing a clear method of gathering customer information at large events, which can be used for follow up marketing campaigns that develop strong customer relationships driving Kohler as the brand of preference.

h) Assists in analysis of customer purchasing behavior.

i) Assists both internal and external consultants in creating overall customer-facing strategies.

4) Mines information through the Internet, Kohler website, and other databases.

a) Serves as the Kitchen & Bath Americas Channel Marketing representative in all company Internet activities.

b) Develops and executes Internet and other multi-media s

Job Code: 12276
Category: Sales & Marketing
Post Date: Monday, May 02, 2011 at 4:01 AM
Company: Kohler Co.
Contact Name: Human Resources

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