Order Picker Posted Date: March 31, 2017

Job Description

Job Description

Summary : Position is responsible to assemble orders for shipment to the stores; assist other staff;


Order Picker activities : 95 percent of time
Operates order picker and forklift in and around warehouse
Pulls product from the warehouse for shipment to the stores
Climbs on racking system (approximately 15’ above ground) to reach product
Wraps order on pallet for shipment
Loads and unloads shipments, pallets, etc.
Place shipments on racking systems
Other activities: 5 percent of time
Cleaning up debris on warehouse floor
Lifts loose or stray products


Physical Requirements:
Standing with walking is required for most of the shift (not including breaks)
Push and pulling pallets and lifting products is required approximately 55% during the shift
Bending is required less than or up to 15% of the shift to reach product or debris
Climbing onto the racking and on/off the order picker is required approximately 15% of the shift
Crouching is required up to 15% of the shift
Kneeling is required occasionally
Physical strength to handle up to 25-pound object, frequently. Some items weighing up to 50 lbs to be handled occasionally (1-2 times per work week)
Above average coordination, including eye-hand, hand-foot and balance
Above average endurance
Normal dexterity of hands and fingers with average repetition
Site with ability to distinguish color; perception of sound is required; ability to communicate issues verbally and in written form
Knowledge Requirements:

A positive attitude & pleasant personality; effective memory skills; good hand eye coordination; dependability, ability to follow directions & a strong willingness to learn .

Mental Effort
Above average concentration/intensity
Above average memory, taking into consideration the amount of responsibility and product
Above average time pressure of decision making
Normal verbal communication
Normal written communication
Normal nonverbal communication
Must be 18 years of age or older

Average Hours Per Week: 40 hours per week

Hours Employee Must Be Available: All Shifts, Monday thru Sunday

Work environment: Normal exposure to weather and temperature extremes

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